Our Core Business

Spegrow Services Private Limited is primarily into eBook publishing, e-learning, educational text book, novels, journals and research papers publishing on digital platforms. Spegrow provides a supporting hand to new writers and young talents in establishing themselves with our market expertise.

Coming Soon

A new book on Physics on various topics for JEE Advance is coming soon. The book is aimed to bring complete gamut of problems. Book is developed to enhance the problem solving skills of students. Conceptual clarity bring problem solving skills.

A Shop For Books

A place where avid readers can buy books of different genre be it text books, novels, magazines, journals, research paper, competitive examination books.

Arts and Culture

Spegrow Services is entitled to promote Arts and Culture. Event management like book fair, exhibitions and shows to promote various forms of arts and creativity.


Invite authors to share their literature, which can make people more informed and they can contribute in nation building exercise.


Spegrow is building a platform for e-learning. Virtual classroom is giving a pleasant learning experience. Effective use of e-learning saves ample commutation time of learner. E-learning: An imperative growth in the field of education