Course Starting Date: 26th March 2023

Duration of the Course: 45 days

Course in Hours: 60 hrs

Aim of the Course: Development of problem-solving skills  for the “Jee Advanced Physics” paper, by strengthening the basics of the topic. The course aims on developing the right approach  for the successful attempt of the critical problems.

Syllabus coverage of the course: Class 11th and 12th Physics Syllabus for JEE Advance Exam

Course suitable for: JEE Advanced Appearing Students

Price of the Course: Rs. 7500/- (Rupees Seventy-Five Hundred)

** Course fee includes basic fee plus GST

Benefits of the Course: 

  • Personal Attention and Care
  • Personalized Analysis of Strength and Weakness
  • Rectification of problem area of an individual
  • Development of approach to solve the critical problem with intellect.