Course Starting Date: 26th March 2023

Duration of the Course: 1 year

Course in Hours: 240 Hrs

Aim of the Course:  Systematic development of problem-solving skills by strengthening the basics of the topic. Development of right approach to solve critical problems using the systematic application of basics learnt. 

The program thoroughly prepares students to solve JEE Mains and JEE Advanced question papers adeptly.

The program covers all theoretical concepts in details, which helps student to maximize their score in board examination.

Physics as a subject is the most interesting, once the process of a phenomenon in physics is understood. The faculty at Spegrow Learning inculcates the complete understanding of the process among students. 

Syllabus coverage of the course: Class 12th Physics Syllabus for JEE Advance Exam. After completion of the course revision program for 11th class followed by various evaluation tests. 

Course suitable for:  Willing to crack JEE Mains with high percentile and aspiring to score well in JEE Advanced examination to join IIT institutions. 

Price of the Course: Rs. 24780/- (Rupees Seventy-Five Hundred)

** Course fee includes basic fee plus GST

Benefits of the Course: 

  • Personal Attention and Care
  • Personalized Analysis of Strength and Weakness
  • Development of the approach of solving critical problems adeptly.
  • Course transforms the overall learning approach of students, which is needed to face the competition with ease.